mobile app for radio station
The leading Shoutcast hosting and Icecast hosting provider, Yesstreaming brings to you the fastest, most reliable enterprise level servers without excessive costs. And what’s even better, when you get a mobile app compatible with Ice cast and shout cast formats to play radio wherever you are? While listeners can enjoy radio on the go, owners of radio stations can market their station by broadcasting nonstop!

Our supportive features:

Yesstreaming offers free of cost Auto DJ services for uninterrupted radio streaming 24/7.

Better yet? You don’t have to be logged in with a computer. With their user friendly, Centova Panel, manage and configure your server yourself! Feeling like a DJ yet? Use Html5, Flash Player & Scripts to incorporate your radio onto your existing website hassle free! With their absolutely free, port 80 proxy, reach a wider audience and give your fan following a high! Our Shoutcast V2 server and Icecast server Suports updated features including an automatic switch between AutoDJ and Live Stream and highly recommended for enthusiasts engaged in radio streaming, both small to large scale, allowing them to choose their own audio quality as well! Did they miss anything at all?

Hinged on cooperation and reliability, Yesstreaming is the obvious choice for your radio streaming services. Have you any doubts left? Let us wipe them away!

Yesstreaming sets up your account right away after payment to avoid hampering your success in any way. Who has time for unwanted delays anyway?
Never again feel stumped with their customer service at your beck and call from start to finish!
Yesstreaming understands your needs of a streaming website and offers the fastest servers which are configured specifically by their IT partners to provide you an uptime of 99.9 % and a rock solid enterprise performance.
With such user friendly, reliable and cost effective Shoutcast hosting, Icecast hosting and mobile app services for all the radio fanatics out there,

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